Invisalign Orthodontic Correction; How it works?

What is 3 + 2?

What is the cause of Overbites and Underbites?


An overbite develops when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth that is also referred to as overjet.  It is usually caused due to genetics, bad oral habits, or overdevelopment of the bone that holds the teeth. If you don’t have paid attention, it can lead to gum irritation. You can visit a nearby dentist to fix overbite.


 On the other hand, underbites develop when the lower teeth spread out beyond the upper teeth making the lower jaw more prominent. This condition develops when there is an overgrowth of the lower jaw bone extending beyond the upper teeth. Consult a dentist to fix underbite.


 How does Invisalign Aventura fix these issues?


  • During the first visit, an orthodontist will create a virtual 3D model of your mouth. This model is further used to create a perfect fitted aligner that actually matches your mouth and requirements.
  • Every few weeks your retainers will be replaced in order to incrementally reposition your teeth. Once your teeth shift, your jaw will move also. Slowly and gradually your jaw will shift into the right position, either in the forward or backward all it depends on your needs.
  • If your case has become extensive, you will be required some form of jaw surgery.



The best way to prevent more invasive surgeries is to pay attention to your underbite or overbite earlier. Usually, such types of dental issues are often found in adulthood. If your child is indicating the symptoms of developing an over or underbite, consult your orthodontist immediately to fix the following issues.  You can get  Invisalign Aventura fl to fix the issues.


Moreover, mild cases of overbites and underbites are fixable through simple treatments like Invisalign. If you are feeling discomfort from your current dental state or want to improve the appearance of your smile, consult professionals today.


After the treatment:


After having Invisalign clear aligners, it is advisable to maintain them. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign needs less care compared to regular braces. Since the aligners are easily removable, you can brush and floss them comfortably like your natural teeth. You may also rinse it with warm water to keep it clean.  Also, there is no eating restriction as you can eat whatever you want.


Your orthodontic in aventura will recommend wearing aligners up to twenty to twenty-two hours a day. If you consider the full treatment, it will take about a year to complete. Since trays in aligners are transparent, you can notice the results very soon. By the end of the year, you will see the desired results,


Cost of the treatment:


Invisalign is a simple and effective orthodontic options Aventura to fix an overbite and underbite. Most orthodontists recommend the treatment to start at an early age as if you require the best result, go through the treatment during jaw development. 

You will have to wear Invisalign for twenty-two hours each day for six to eighteen months on average. If you choose braces to fix these issues, the cost may lie between  $3,000 dollars to $7,000 dollars and if you consider Invisalign, it may cost around $4000 to $8,000 dollars in almost all cases. 


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