Do Kids need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Normally, Wisdom teeth grow in the end after the development of all permanent teeth. The problem of removal of them has become so common as teens experience wisdom teeth pain. The cases of removal of wisdom teeth have been increasing day by day because not only the wisdom teeth hurt but they are causing severe pain in neighboring teeth also. The pain increases when the wisdom teeth don’t erupt properly or they don’t leave enough free space for the existing teeth while developing which leads to tooth pain. These situations require their removal as soon as possible.


When the children are at the age of thirteen they should have at least twenty eight teeth of their permanent adult teeth. Sometimes, children may get up to four more teeth called the third molars. Actually, there is no scientific evidence about the correct age of getting wisdom teeth. So, it is hard to predict when children will get wisdom teeth. Parents should visit the best kids dentist near me if they are noticing any signs of wisdom teeth eruption in their children’s mouth. Because the dentist can examine deeply to determine whether the eruption of the wisdom teeth is normal or not. 

When do you need to visit childrens dentists near me?


Impacted wisdom teeth:


During the development of wisdom teeth, some teens may experience sudden jaw pain or gums pain, or swollen gums. It has been observed that wisdom teeth can easily impact. That means wisdom teeth are having difficulty in growing and they are breaking through the gum line. It might be possible that there won’t be any symptoms at all and the problem can be detected with an X-ray during a routine dental exam. So, it is necessary to visit the dentist at least once in six months.

Initially, the dentists can recommend putting ice on the inside of the mouth or outside to reduce the swollen. But if the problem has reached its extensive stage, they might suggest the removal of wisdom teeth.


 Wisdom teeth are infected:


Since it is more difficult to clean the wisdom teeth, they can easily become infected. Also, if the wisdom teeth are partially grown or have been erupted from the wrong angle, they are at risk of being infected. 

If you experience redness, swollen, or bleeding gums, these signs indicate that the teeth are infected. You may experience bad breath or a faulty taste in the mouth.

When you are unable to clean wisdom teeth properly, there are chances of the development of bacteria and germs in the mouth that can expand to the other parts of the mouth and can reach even in the head.

Initially, in this case, the delta dental pediatric dentist will recommend antibiotics to treat the infection. If it causes extreme pain, you need wisdom teeth extraction as soon as possible.

Wisdom teeth Extraction Procedure:


When an oral surgeon can take about forty-five minutes to complete the surgery. The dentist will administer local or general anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. The surgeon may make an incision to eliminate the gums and bones so that an extraction procedure can be performed easily. 


During wisdom tooth healing stages, you will be recommended to use an ice pack to reduce swelling. Also, the dentist may suggest you eat softer foods only and to take fluids in plenty so that the process of healing may become fast and easy.

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